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general surgery in iran

Experience excellence in general surgery and organ transplants with our expert surgeons and modern hospitals. Our medical tourism services make these life-changing procedures accessible and affordable for you.

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Despite its name, general surgery is a specialized field primarily focused on surgical procedures involving abdominal organs. However, it extends to other areas such as breast, skin, soft tissue, the alimentary tract, and the endocrine system. General surgery encompasses both traditional open procedures and minimally-invasive laparoscopic techniques, often referred to as keyhole surgery.

If you're contemplating general surgery in Iran, we're here to assist you throughout your journey. We facilitate your travel and ensure you receive top-notch surgical care at the best hospitals, making the process seamless and stress-free.


Why Iran ?

Iran is a popular choice for general surgery due to its affordable procedures and highly skilled surgeons. The country's warm hospitality and rich tourist attractions enhance the overall experience for international patients. Additionally, Iran is a recognized hub for successful organ transplantations, making it a preferred destination for medical tourists seeking high-quality healthcare services.

Why ShafaMedTour ?

Embarking on a surgical journey abroad can be overwhelming, with numerous logistical challenges. From visa applications to post-hospital stays, the process can be complex if managed independently. ShafaMedTour is your solution; we handle all the intricate arrangements, allowing you to concentrate solely on your surgery preparations.

General Surgery Costs in Iran

The cost of general surgery in Iran is influenced by various factors, such as the specific surgery type, your selected hospital, and the surgeon's expertise. However, in general, the fees for general surgery in Iran are remarkably affordable when compared to other countries. This affordability makes Iran an attractive choice for individuals seeking cost-effective and high-quality surgical solutions.

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address : Ardabil Doctors Complex, second floor
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Whatsapp : 09022023243

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ShafaMedTour is an iranian-based medical travel facilitator for international patients who wish to visit Ardebill for their health needs. Working in partnership with experienced health care providers ShafaMedTour acts as a transparent link between patients and Ardebill's medical service providers offering affordable, rapid access to a high quality wide range of tailored, personalized and safe medical solutions.

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