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 is an iranian-based medical travel facilitator for international patients who wish to visit Ardebill for their health needs. Working in partnership with experienced health care providers ShafaMedTour acts as a transparent link between patients and Ardebill's medical service providers offering affordable, rapid access to a high quality wide range of tailored, personalized and safe medical solutions.


Categories of tours

Various and special themes for experiential tours


Unfortunately, in recent years, health tourists have faced many problems in their trips to Iran. Problems such as lack of local guides, financial abuse of brokers and lack of quality and traceable medical services.
For the same reasons
By designing its application, Shafamedtour team tries to provide more comfort to the health tourists by introducing prominent doctors and suitable accommodation centers as well as a special transportation system.
Experience the possibility of estimating the price of medical services, translator, nature tours, pre-trip consultations and post-trip follow-ups by installing the shafamedtour App.


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ShafaMedMour Services

Online Consultation

Free online consultation provided by our experts to help you with all you need to know about your procedure and travel.

Travel Arrangements

Have everything you need for your travel arranged by us, including your visa, hotel, and more.

Airport Pick-up & Transportation

Private guide and interpreter, airport pick-up, and door-to-door city transportation provided to you upon arrival.

VIP Hospitals & Clinics

Receive your surgery and treatment at upscale clinics and hospitals with first-class services and professional staff.

24/7 Assistance

Throughout your stay our trained support team is at your service every moment throughout your stay to assist you with anything including your recovery after surgery.


Stay in touch with us for as long as you wish to ask your questions about your recovery and get follow-up medical advice.

Get a Free Consultation

Get in touch with us to ask your questions, get a quote, and more.

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Will Change The Way You Approach Medical Blog.


20 Celebrities Who Admitted to Their Nose Job

Plastic surgery of celebrities are always trending news because they don’t always admit to undergoing cosmetic procedures. The truth is that not all your movie idols are born with perfectly sculpted faces and bodies but they get lots of help from plastic surgery to subtly reshape their features in a way that you can’t recognize it at first glance. One of the most popular cosmetic procedures sought by celebs is nose job.

address : Ardebill , Varzesh square
Email :
Whatsapp : 09103569915

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 We try to provide you with the best quality medical services at the most affordable cost in iran .

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