address : Ardebill , Varzesh square
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Whatsapp : 09103569915

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We at AriaMedTour believe that the progress we have achieved is based on ingenuity and endeavors of everyone in our team. And we continue to believe in the power of our people to achieve the company’s ambitions.Therefore, we are constantly working to have more talented and energetic workforce that enjoy working in a dynamic environment, and this would be a great opportunity for you to join us and let your abilities bloom.

We invite the following groups for cooperation:
• Physicians, surgeons, and specialists from around the World
• Specialty clinics and hospitals
•  Travel facilitators and travel agencies
• Interpreters and tour guides fluent in different languages
• And all people interested in the field of medical tourism around the world

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address : Ardebill , Varzesh square
Email :
Whatsapp : 09103569915

About us

A monthly digest of the latest news and venenat is urna resources. our clinic was created to make your smile beautiful, healthy and snow-white. is venenatis urna resources. will do everything so and quickly!

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